You know, I didn’t want to live. At that moment, it seemed that this no longer makes sense. My son is dead. He died in my arms. I can still see his face distorted with anguish. We fought, tried to stop this nightmare, but could not, did not have time. He relapsed over and over again. The last dose of drugs and alcohol was fatal for him. My boy was only 19 years old».

Says Anastasia Semenova, founder of the "Line of color" charitable foundation. The history of our organization began with this tragedy.

We opened our office doors in 2012 and since then we have been helping those who are struggling with alcohol addiction.

We are a young organization, but we already have a story to tell, to share the stories of those who, with our help, were able to overcome their addiction and regain their lives.


Creation of the "Color Line" fund. This year we launched our first campaign to raise awareness of alcoholism among adolescents. We held two city actions “Take Your Life Back”. The first group of rehabilitation and support for those who decided to give up alcohol was created. Developed a program of recovery and subsequent support for convalescents.


This year has been stressful. Seven city actions, the launch of an educational program in local schools, a series of seminars and master classes were developed for the relatives of those who underwent rehabilitation in our foundation. The city’s campaign "Clean Choice" was launched, which was dedicated to disseminating information and methods and ways to overcome alcohol addiction. This year we have formed the first team of volunteers from those who have successfully completed the recovery program at our center.


We entered the national level for the first time. We held the first Russian practical conference on methodologies to support people who decided to give up alcohol. We started developing an educational program for higher educational institutions. Three support groups were created for different ages. A counseling center for relatives of convalescents began to work.


The number of volunteers this year has reached 35 people. We now have a medical and legal consultation center for participants in rehabilitation programs. We held five city events, 23 master classes, and launched a permanent lecture hall. Five support and rehabilitation programs have been developed.


There was a lot of work this year. We have approved and launched an educational program for high school students. Conducted a test curriculum in three higher education institutions. Organized two city actions. All our attention this year has been focused on developing projects for our organization. Five internal rehabilitation projects have been launched. The number of volunteers has increased to 43. Negotiations have begun on the launch of a shelter project for women with alcohol dependence victims of violence.


The project "Home" was launched — a center where women who have suffered from violence can receive help and take a course on alcohol withdrawal. Three training programs have been developed for rehabilitation and recovery. We carried out two city actions. The curriculum for schools was approved. This year we will launch it in all secondary educational institutions of the city. We are actively working on creating support groups, now there are 12 of them.